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Tempting Sweets

Mega Tempting LIVE Wheel

Mega Tempting LIVE Wheel

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Feeling Lucky?

Mega Tempting Wheel

You could win 

JACKPOT = 2KG Pick n Mix

1 x 500g Mystery Sweet Mix

1 x 500g Mystery Sour Mix

1 x Tempting Stash 6 Compartment

1 x 1.5kg Pick n Mix

1 x 1kg Pick n Mix

1 x Tempting Stash 12 Compartment

1 x 500g Tempting Try Mix

1 x 500g Pick n Mix

If for what ever reason you can't make the live rest assured your order will still be packed and sent out. If a selection is needed you will be contacted <3

If you do not have TikTok to watch your box be revealed simply send our socials a message so we can let you know what you got. <3

This is a physical product. Shipping rates apply.

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